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About Vickie

The Page's Webmaster

This is Vickie Pennington, the wonderful, wise Webmaster LOL!!!. On top of me taking care of husband and children, I pretty much take care of this entire site: the design, the content, the updates, the family research-everything.  

Alittle about me : I'm married to a wonderful husband his name is Jimmy. I have 4 wonderful children, Kenneth Earnhardt,Christopher Earnhardt, David Earnhardt, and also Lindsay Pennington. We have 2 dogs Bear she is a chow, and Daisy she is a Boston Terrier. 

We have moved back to Rockwell. This will be for a year or so. We came back to help my parents for awhile. Also, to be closer to my family. I really missed them  while living in the mountains.

The Ancestor List

Are we related? Is your great-grandfather our mother's cousin's grandma's nephew once removed? There's only one way to find out . . . . In this list, names and dates are indexed by surname and there are lots more:


About the Family Roots

As far as the PAGE'S I have not found out where they came from. I have back to 1809 to Calvin John PAGE from Cabarrus County,NC. Still trying to find out where they came from. If anyone can help on this ,please feel free to contact me.


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